Axon is the next iteration of our LineSmarts software. Axon is a cloud-based system that is available on andoid, ios and pc. Initially Axon is being developed as an asset management data collection tool. LineSmarts features will be progressively integrated into Axon over time. So far Axon supports the collection of field-captured asset failure data and asset defect data. We are currently working on an overhead line structure condition assessment data collection form, designed to be compatible with the recently published NZ EEA Wood pole condition assessment guide. The Axon system is built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of the electricity distribution industry. As such it is differs in many respects from other conventional data collection systems:

  • forms are prebuild to be compatible with NZ electricity industry requirements and conventions, so client utilities don’t have to go to the time and trouble of building and managing the forms in-house
  • the forms are designed to be lean and fit-for-user
  • data is structured to facilitate simple and comprehensive asset management analysis for the purpose of supporting informed decision-making
  • the system natively includes built-in quality assurance processes
  • the system includes built-in feedback mechanisms to ensure that those collecting the data promptly receive positive and corrective feedback.
  • its consistent data structure creates the potential for benchmarking and meta-analysis of data across utilities