Video tutorials

This page contains links to LineSmarts tutorials. LineSmarts is simple to use once a user becomes familiar with it, and it is easy to learn. However LineSmarts is a sophisticated tool and it is novel. That novelty means that users are learning to use a tool that didn’t exist until we created it. As such we advise users to familiarise themselves with these tutorials to get the most from LineSmarts. The tutorials have been created with the intent that they will be viewed in the order displayed on this page. The tutorials build towards increasingly sophisticated analyses so it may be difficult to follow tutorials that are accessed out of order. Older versions of LineSmarts may differ from the current version so videos will be updated periodically so they remain relevant. The version of LineSmarts used to create the tutorial video is displayed in the title.

Basic LineSmarts


Span measurement (V28)

Dimension measurement (V28)

Tension measurement (V28)

Ground profile (V28)

Line environment (V28)