Location and line direction

The LineSmarts location measurement function enables the use of android tablet or smartphone devices to safely and efficiently:

  • Measure asset locations and display their coordinates
  • Measure span orientation
  • Display the span and structures over an aerial image

The following video provides a brief introduction to the measurement of location and span orientation using Linesmarts:

LineSmarts automatically calculates asset locations and span orientation as part of the span assessment process. One of the key advantages of using LineSmarts to measure locations and orientation is that, as with all LineSmarts assessments, it works remotely. This means that the location of assets can be determined even in situations when the asset cannot be physically accessed.

Automatic capture asset location information and displaying it on an aerial image is useful for a few reasons, including:

  • Identifying asset location, especially for third party recipients of measurements who were not involved in the survey
  • Assisting with asset identification
  • Helping relocate assets during future visits
  • Providing context to help recall site specific details

Measurement accuracy is a function of the GPS accuracy and the compass accuracy. As such it is very important to ensure that the compass is correctly calibrated if this feature is going to be used. Instruction on how to calibrate the compass and GPS in LineSmarts can be found here. A minority of low end devices do not contain a compass. On these devices the location feature will automatically adjust the measurement orientation, in these instances the adjustment will need to be made manually instead.