Live point exclusion zone

This feature allows exclusion zones to be projected over an image at component live points specified by the user. The size of the exclusion zone is controlled by the user selecting from options specified within a user-defined library. The library can be configured to include the potential exclusion zones relevant to your organisation. The purpose of the feature is to allow the visualisation of exclusion zone sizes and available safe working space for maintenance activates. Measurements can be taken for the same structure from different angles to understand the space in three-dimensional. Electricity distribution networks are generally installed and modified over generations. This means that networks generally contain equipment structures that vary greatly in their design. This variation, in combination with LineSmarts’ dimensional measurement feature, makes it easy and practical to understand and account for site-specific idiosyncrasies during maintenance.  This feature can be used for:

  • Developing work procedures – This feature can be used at the works planning stage to understand the available maintenance space and to select appropriate work procedures and equipment accordingly. The live point exclusion zone imagery can be used within work procedures to both communicate site-specific safe working practices and to demonstrate that site-specific safe working practices have been considered.
  • Informing tool-box talks – This feature can easily and quickly be used on site to visualise the available safe work space and reinforce the requirement to maintain appropriate safe working distances. It is also a means to demonstrate that site-specific safe working distances have been considered.