LineSmarts is an app that turns android smartphones and tablets into sophisticated analysis and measurement tools for overhead power lines and structures. LineSmarts uses a novel method for remotely capturing a variety of measurements. You simply take a photo of the span or structure that you want to measure, input the distance to the structures, and then use the tools in LineSmarts to make measurements from the photo. Current features include:

This video provides an overview of linesmarts.

LineSmarts provides several revolutionary advantages over established methods, including:

  • It is safer to use – Unlike most other methods LineSmarts does not require: operation at heights, operation in the vicinity of electrified wires, the operation of heavy equipment or proximity to or disturbance of mechanically loaded assets.
  • It can be non-invasive – In many cases assets on private property can be measured without setting foot on the property.
  • It is easy to use – LineSmarts exploits the usability of modern consumer tablets to create a tool that is simple, intuitive and a pleasure to use.
  • It is efficient – Typically measurements can be completed within minutes of arriving on site. In some locations you may not even have to leave your vehicle to complete measurements.
  • It is low cost – The equipment requirement for making measurements using LineSmarts is an android tablet or smartphone. A laser range finder is a helpful tool for establishing the distance to pole supports, a requirement for some measurements, but other less expensive distance measurement techniques may also be used. A trial version of LineSmarts is free for download in the Android Play Store.
  • It is accurate – LineSmarts is a highly accurate method for measuring overhead line wire tensions and dimensions (a good device calibration is required for accurate results correct).
  • It is immediate – The results can be viewed in the field without requirement for post-processing or additional analysis.
  • It uses equipment you already have – LineSmarts works on a smartphone or tablet. So if you always have your phone with you, LineSmarts will always be available, it is not a tool you forget to bring with you. LineSmarts works best when used with a laser rangefinder. If you already have an android phone or tablet and a laser rangefinder, then you already have all the equipment you need to use LineSmarts.
  • It provides a record – The raw output from LineSmarts is a photo that is overlaid with the measurement result. The image can be stored as a permanent record of the assets condition at the time of measurement. The image also provides verification that the measurement was correctly made.
  • It easy to communicate – Results of LineSmarts analyses can be quickly emailed to those who require them from the mobile device.
  • It keeps getting better – Expect improvements and new features

We have worked hard to make LineSmarts as simple and intuitive to use as possible, and we continue to make refinements. However the software allows some sophisticated analysis, with the consequence that there is quite a range of data that a user may be required to enter. We advise that new users visit our FAQ page and watch the video tutorials provided. Particular attention should be paid to the calibration of LineSmarts. As we develop LineSmarts there will be new features added and changes made to the user interface. For this reason we recommend that even experienced users view the instructional videos should they become stuck or wish to learn more.

LineSmarts was first released in June 2014. It was developed for the electricity distribution industry as a conductor tension measurement tool in the first instance. We recognised that established tension measurement methods have significant drawbacks, which make them impractical to generally apply. They can variously be too expensive, too complex, too labour intensive, too time consuming, too hazardous or too inaccurate. With LineSmarts it is now practical to measure conductor tension routinely, even as part of an asset inspection programme.

Since that start we have identified other power line measurements which are not well served by conventional methods. We have been able to add features to the LineSmarts app which have similarly made those measurements much more practical to perform. Examples include the measurement of pole lean and structure dimensions. We will continue to add new measurement capabilities to LineSmarts.

At LineSmarts Ltd we aim to create solutions that deliver transformational improvements over conventional overhead lines engineering practices. We look for opportunities created by new and emerging technology to develop next generation overhead lines engineering tools. We use our industry experience to optimise those tools so they are practical for working on overhead lines.

Users of our LineSmarts mobile phone and tablet software will find themselves able to perform measurements and analyses with unprecedented quality, safety and efficiency. To hear it from a user check out our user testimonials.  LineSmarts is available for free trial on the Android Play Store. The free download version can be used for a period of one month after which a subscription must be purchased to continue its unresticted use. An annual subscription can be purchased within the app. Pricing information for the subscription is provided inside the app.