Conductor exclusion zone

This feature allows the projection of zones around conductor catenaries. The size of the zone can be specified by having the user select the applicable voltage and/or type of exclusion zone for each conductor. The list of possible exclusion zones can be specified in a user-defined library. This feature can be used, along with the LineSmarts clearance measurement tools, to understand and visualise zones around conductors. Examples of how this feature may be used include:

  • To communicate with third parties the minimum approach distances that must maintain while working within the line environs (eg scaffolders, digger drivers, arborists, landowners)
  • To communicate with property owners the vegetation clearances that must be maintained around wires, or to visually show the extent of a vegetation clearance infringement
  • To assist workers (including linemen and other third parties) with the development and communication of safe work procedures
  • During during tool-box (tail-gate) talks to help visualise safe working clearances and to demonstrate consideration of electricity proximity hazards.